How to Quickly Sell a House in a Bad Neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA

los angeles bad neighborhood

Some of the highest-priced real estate in the world is located in Los Angeles. But that’s not much encouragement if you have spent months trying to sell a nice house in one of the city’s bad neighborhoods.

To sell a house in a bad location has additional challenges. Even if it’s a great house, a problem neighborhood is a significant deterrent for most buyers. But there is a buyer for every home—no matter how poor its condition or location. Applying these useful tips will help you attract the right buyer for your property.

8 Things to Speed Up Selling of Your Home in a Bad Neighborhood

Make the Interior Shine

Make sure your home doesn’t look like a hoarder’s paradise. Get rid of the clutter. A house with a small amount of furniture and decorations looks much bigger than a home that resembles a storage unit. And thoroughly clean every surface. Old and worn isn’t always a deterrent if everything is clean and polished.

Improve the Landscaping

Improving mature landscaping isn’t always expensive. So trim back those bushes that cover your windows. And make your house more visible by removing low-hanging tree branches. 

Property Staging

Staging the house with some nice furniture and decorations can help buyers see themselves living in the house. Make sure to store personal decorations—such as family photos, awards, or other memorabilia—out of sight.

Try an Open House

Open houses are an intrusion in your daily life. But they are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise your property in your area. And even if you only attract curious neighbors, they will talk about your house, if they like what they see. 

Look Outside Your Property

If you have one of those neighbors whose yard resembles pasture land, offer to mow their grass until your house sells. 

First-Time Buyers Are Your Easiest Prospects

The first home purchase for most buyers won’t be their dream house. So make sure to emphasize any features of your house that first-time homebuyers want. As an example, if you have an old fireplace, check to see if previous owners haven’t covered up some lovely stonework with cheap plywood paneling.

Try to Seem Honest to Your Potential Buyers

When you disclose all the problems with your house to an interested buyer, they are more likely to be assured that what they see is what they will get. But don’t forget to mention the good things about your home. And be sure to point out any positives about your location, such as proximity to a safe playground.

Seller Financing

For potential buyers who don’t have established credit, owner financing is a very appealing incentive. If there is no lien on your property, consider offering owner financing to qualified buyers. Depending on your financial situation, owner financing can also benefit you in the long term.

And Now, The Easiest Way of Selling a Nice or Not So Great House in a Bad Location of Los Angeles!

Los Angeles House Cash Offers has been around for years. We are known for being both quick and reliable. And we have purchased distressed properties all over the city. Your neighborhood won’t scare us, and neither will the condition of your house. We buy homes in any condition or location.

We Don’t Care How Homes Look and Where They Are Located

No matter how run-down your house, we will buy it. You won’t have to fix a single item. And we have years of experience with buying real estate in problem areas of the city. 

We Purchase Homes Super Quickly

We are known for our quick real estate transactions. From the time of your acceptance of our fair cash offer to the closing date is typically less than a month.

We Will Make a Cash Offer on Your Home

One of the reasons we can operate so quickly is that we are a cash-based business. We don’t need loan approval. When we give you an offer, we have the cash in hand to pay you in full at closing.

No Fees

We pay all of the closing costs. And we pay you the full amount of money specified in our fair cash offer. You will not be surprised by any hidden fees at closing.

We Take Care of All the Formalities

If you dislike all the paperwork that goes along with a real estate deal, you will like doing business with us. Just sign and date a few documents, and you are done with any paperwork. The rest is on us.

5 Most Terrible Neighborhoods in LA We Buy Properties In

Hyde Park

This neighborhood gets failing grades in more categories than any other area of Los Angeles (according to Unemployment is high, housing is unaffordable, and the cost of living is high. Add high crime rates and failing schools—and this neighborhood is an unpopular place to live.

Wholesale District-Skid Row

While the area is home to a bustling nightlife, it is also home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. Some people like to visit the area for its active nightlife. But few people want to live here because the streets smell of urine, and drug usage is rampant.

Fashion District

This neighborhood is sparsely populated because it is the apparel hub of the West Coast. Because of the garment trade, its population density is about twenty percent of that of greater Los Angeles. But high rates of crime and unemployment exist with the few people who live in the area. And the area is also unpopular because of its poorly-rated schools. 


High rates of unemployment in this area accompany the highest percentage of single-parent households in Los Angeles. Few jobs are available in the neighborhood. The area has a violent crime rate that is three times that of greater Los Angeles. Failing schools also contribute to the lack of this neighborhood’s appeal.

West Adams

Historic buildings make this neighborhood an interesting area to drive through. But its crime rate makes it an unpopular place to live. The neighborhood became famous for the Rodney King riots in the early 1990s. Today it is known for a property crime rate that is nearly twice that of greater Los Angeles, and a violent crime rate that is three times greater than the rest of the city. 

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