How to Sell a “Fixer-Upper” Property Fast and As Is in Los Angeles CA when It’s Ugly, Old, Damaged and Needs a Lot of Repair Work

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Selling a house that needs a lot of work can be more difficult than you think. While some buyers may claim to be comfortable with purchasing fixer uppers, the fact is that houses with a long list of problems and homes in need of extensive updating don’t attract many offers. Without making repairs yourself, you’re in for an even longer wait on the Los Angeles housing market.

Your other option is to sell “as is” to the best company of real estate investors in California. For years, Los Angeles House Cash Offers has provided top services and purchased homes faster than anyone else.

Why Home Sellers Choose Our Company

With Us the Sale is Fast

When you work with us, you can trade your old house for cash in just 3 to 30 days. We’ll put in the work so that closing day comes as soon as possible to meet your needs.

We’ll Buy You Home for Cash

We give each of our clients a clear-cut profit that doesn’t involve a long waiting period. Unlike when you sell through other means, selling to us doesn’t involve waiting weeks or months for the money you’re owed to be compiled. We have cash ready, so you can enjoy your profit after signing our contract in 72 hours or less!

No Repairs or Renovations

Whether your house needs a new roof or if your house is as run down as it gets, you can sell your property to us in any condition it is currently in. We have a long history in buying ugly houses and seriously damaged homes, then fixing up the properties to shine like new while the sellers were already enjoying their money. We’d be happy to give your home the same treatment after you collect a great profit.

No Hidden Fees or Other Shady Business

Our clients can count on our transparent real estate transactions. We never hit you with surprise costs. We include all estimated expenses into the offer you receive, so you can confidently collect the same amount in cash.

No Property Is too Bad for Us

Fire Damaged

Making repairs to your home after a house fire or wildfire destroyed your property’s equity can add unnecessary stress to both you and your finances. While you can’t sell a house with serious damages traditionally without making expensive repairs first, we can present you with a cash offer you can collect in only days. We would be happy to fix up your home ourselves after you get your money and walk away.

With Structural Cracks and Damaged Foundation

Trying to sell your house without making structural or foundation repairs beforehand isn’t easy. These problems critically affect your home’s resale value, and not many buyers will be interested in your property because fixing these issues can cost thousands of dollars. Likewise, you may not be able to afford making these repairs yourself. As a company that buys houses in any condition, we can give you an offer on your home as is.

With Water Damage and Mold

Homes with flooded rooms, leaky pipes, or mold damage are quickly labeled as junk houses that aren’t worth making an offer on. However, we can see past water or mold issues and appreciate the potential your property has. We routinely buy homes in poor condition, which saves our clients from having to pay for any repairs, remediation, or prevention measures. Regardless of your property’s condition, we can provide you with a streamlined real estate transaction that ends with you walking away in possession of an all-cash profit.

Destroyed By Termites

A property that has a termite history is a difficult house to sell. If pests are currently eating away at your home’s value, buyers can’t get away fast enough. Even if you pay for extermination services, multiple inspections, and fix all structural damages, you can’t erase your home’s past. Instead of dealing with the long and costly ordeal that follows a termite infestation, you can sell to us with no effort or repairs needed on your end.

Containing Asbestos

Older homes commonly come with asbestos siding, or the mineral is in the tile or walls. Because the hazards of asbestos have been common knowledge for decades, buyers who hear about the presence of asbestos in your home will be instantly aware of your property’s age and the work needed to make the house safe. To close a deal traditionally, you need to pay for professional removal and inspections, which can be impossible for you when you’re short on funds and need a fast sale. Fortunately, you can quickly profit from your home with asbestos by selling to us.


Should the seller fix up their home to sell it?

If you want to sell your house with a realtor or go the FSBO route, you need to update your property to attract a buyer within the average timeframe. Without making repairs, it’s unlikely to get buyers interested in your property.

On the other hand, you can use an alternative route that saves you from having to fix up your home at all before closing a deal. When you sell to a real estate investor, you trade your home in its current condition for cash. This option puts a profit in your hands in a fraction of the time it takes to collect your offer from other buyers.

Can a lawsuit against me be brought by the buyer after I sell them a house that needs repairs?

You can be sued by whoever purchased your home if you don’t disclose all of the property’s issues you know of. When all known defects aren’t declared before the sale takes place, the seller can be held responsible for repairs.

When the seller correctly fills out a disclosure form, the seller’s responsibility ends after closing.

How long does my liability for property defects last after the real estate deal is finalized?

Normally, the home seller’s liability ends on closing day. However, the seller commits fraud if the buyer isn’t made aware of all past and present defects or issues that can be found through a home inspection. In California, those who commit fraud can be held liable if the claim against them is filed to a court within 3 years after closing, according to the state’s statute of limitations.

What is better to disclose when selling a house in Los Angeles, CA?

When you’re selling a Californian home, you’re required by law to declare property defects such as termite problems, asbestos siding, mold issues, structural damage, or any foundation repair needed. If you as the seller failed to disclose all defects you’re aware of, the buyer can bring a lawsuit against you and hold you responsible for paying for repairs.

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