Yes, Selling a Los Angeles Rental Property with Sitting Tenants Can Be a Walk in the Park

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Selling a rental property with tenants takes a lot of time and energy. If you’re facing bad tenants, the task can turn into a nightmare. From costly repairs to long legal battles, the expenses quickly pile up. But there are ways to deal with terrible tenants before they drain your resources. Here are the options you can take.

What Does It Take to Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ?

If You’re a Landlord Selling Your Tenanted House, These Options Are Available for You:

#1 Sell After the Lease Has Expired

Landlords with tenants on a lease have the option to wait until the rental lease expiration. This is an easy way to let go of sitting tenants and show the property to prospective buyers. You’ll be able to fix the property and make repairs and renovations before putting it up for sale. It is costly though, as you will lose rental income but will still have to pay for mortgage until a new buyer is found.

#2 Sell Your House After Evicting Your Tenant

When push comes to shove and tenants in the residence still refuse to cooperate, then you may have to resort to evicting tenants when selling the house. The eviction process is very lengthy and expensive. Add to that the stress of having to ensure that you do everything right and follow the law. One mistake can make the ordeal more complicated than it actually is and lead to a lot of headaches.

#3 Sell Your Property even if Tenants Are Still in Residence

Tenants in the home can be frustrating, but you can always try to work out a compromise and get them to cooperate with you for a smooth sale. Not being able to get them on your side, however, can create further conflict. Uncooperative tenants in situ may do more damage to your property. They may also refuse viewings and make it very difficult for the landlord to sell the tenanted house.

Deal with Only the Best Company that Buys Houses with Tenants in Los Angeles, California

If you’re a landlord selling a house with tenants and look to seal a deal quickly and efficiently, Los Angeles House Cash Offers provides a reliable alternative that takes the property off of your hands.

We specialize in helping landlords in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding area by giving them a fair cash offer and a streamlined approach that relieves them of the stress of dealing with tenants in place.

Remove the Hassle Out of the Equation

You’ll get the benefits of a quick and easy sale and avoid the hassles that come with multiple showings. Your tenants in residence will not be bothered by open houses. We’ll only require one quick walkaround to assess your property and make a cash offer. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork.

Fast track the Process of Selling

Selling a home with tenants need not drag out for months. We can typically close within 3 to 30 days, regardless of the lease expiration date. We are professional cash property buyers who will go the extra mile to buy your condo, duplex, or any other rental property and get you out of your stressful situation.

Receive a Cash Offer for Your Property

If you want to sell your house but have tenants, we’ll give you a solution that lets you skip all the waiting time and costs that come with a traditional sale. We don’t rely on a mortgage. We already have the money that we need to purchase your property, so there are no risks of a deal falling through.

Sell Your Rental Home As Is – No Repairs nor Renovations

Don’t have the resources to fix your rental property that has been damaged by a section 8 tenant? You do not have to spend on upgrading your property before you sell it. We’ll give you a fair cash offer for your house in as-is condition. We’ll factor in your property’s unique features and the costs of any needed repairs.

Never Deal with Hidden Fees Again

No need to worry about any out of pocket expenses when you sell your rental property to us. We’ll evaluate your property for free and we’ll pay for closing costs. We’ll also be responsible for any other fees associated with the transaction.


Am I Responsible for Sending a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

Yes, landlords are responsible for notifying tenants of the sale of a property through a formal letter. Be as transparent as possible with your tenants and include all important details like the timeline for selling, the schedules of showings, what will happen during the selling, and the like. Clearly explain the steps you plan to take so tenants can prepare and adjust accordingly.

You do not have to go through all these troubles if you want to sell fast for cash and let go of the tenanted house. Sell your property to us and we’ll take care of dealing with your tenants.

Any Ideas on How to Make Showing of My House with Tenants to Buyers Easier?

Showing a rental property with tenants can be a burden, but there are ways to convince your tenants to work with you and ensure a smooth sale. Giving incentives like rent discounts, clean-up services, and offering help to hire professional movers can go a long way. Be empathetic in explaining your situation and always keep them updated to avoid confusion.

Multiple showings are an added stress for your tenants. You’ll have none of that when you work with us. We’ll just need one brief walkaround to assess your property. Once the sale is complete, we’ll take care of successive viewings with prospective buyers.

What to Expect if Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings?

Nothing stops the landlord from selling a house or apartment, as he or she is the rightful owner of the property. But this must be done in accordance with the law, and that means the landlord can’t just enter a renter-occupied home without notice. If the landlord has been following protocols and the tenant is still refusing viewings, a case against the renter may be filed in court.

No need to deal with multiple viewings when working with us. We’ll only require one quick walkaround for the evaluation. Once we seal the deal, it will be our responsibility to work with tenants for successive viewings.

How to Address the Problem when the Tenant Destroyed My Rental Property?

Knowing your landlord rights will enable you to act swiftly and efficiently when a tenant destroys your property. Documentation is everything – take photos of the destroyed house and gather all pieces of evidence against your renter. Ask help from legal experts who can guide you through the process.

The condition of your house is not an issue with us. Even if you have the worst renters, we’ll be interested to purchase your property and pay you in cash for it. Contact us now so we can discuss your options and close the deal in no time.

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