My LA House Is in Foreclosure, How Can I Sell It?

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Facing home loan foreclosure is most likely something you never thought you’d have to go through, but missed mortgage payments can happen to any homeowner. If you’re on the edge of panicking about losing your house and having foreclosure scar your credit and financial history, it’s important to know that there are still ways to stop foreclosure in its tracks.

What to Do When Losing Your Home to the Bank or Mortgage Company?

There are multiple ways to prevent mortgage foreclosure from undercutting your credit and financial standing. Even if the foreclosure sale is rapidly approaching, there are options that can offer relief. Alternatives to foreclosure include selling your property, declaring bankruptcy, and negotiating a deed in lieu solution with your mortgage company or bank.

Three Ways to Stop Foreclosure Auction?

Bankruptcy – the Immediate Last Minute Option

Although the concept of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is frightening to most, in reality this option can immediately stop the clock on foreclosure for 15 days. Because filing for Chapter 13 repayment and reorganization plans gives you another two weeks or so to negotiate with your lender or sell your house, bankruptcy can work in your favor.

Deed in Lieu or “Friendly Foreclosure”

Although it’s rare, you can stop the home foreclosure process once it has started if your lender accepts the deed to your condo or house. However, this involves more hassle for the lender because the lender would be liable in cases of a second mortgage or lien, and the lender is responsible for selling the property afterwards.

Regular Home Sale or a Short Sale

You can stop the foreclosure sale date from coming to pass if you can find a buyer for your property. If you owe less than the market value of your home, then you can receive a profit that will cover your debt and leave you with leftover profit.

On the other hand, you could owe more than what your home is currently worth. Selling before foreclosure for less than the amount owed is called a short sale. With your lender’s backing, you can sell your property and save your credit from being severely impacted by foreclosure. Oftentimes, lenders accept the proceeds from a short sale as a complete payment, even though the house is sold for less than owed.

Best Way to Sell Your House to Avoid Foreclosure in Los Angeles, CA

To get out of pre foreclosure and sell your Los Angeles, CA house fast, call the local cash house buyer who closes great deals quickly. By providing top quality normal and short sale help for sellers, Los Angeles House Cash Offers makes selling your house before foreclosure easy.

You Need a Fast House Buyer

We buy short sales as well as non-underwater properties much faster than other buyers out there. Our pre-foreclosure transactions normally conclude between 2-3 months, and we’ll take every chance to make your experience with us as short and sweet as possible.

You Need Someone with Cash

You need your profit quickly, so we won’t make you wait for loan approval. We have funds ready to exchange for properties as is, so when you need to sell or short sell your home for fast cash, we have you covered.

You Don’t Have Time for Repairs

Los Angeles House Cash Offers has years of experience in buying properties in any condition, so no amount of damages will scare us off. We’ll make you an offer on your property with estimated repair costs included.

You Don’t Need to Pay to Sell

We’re quick sale home buyers who value integrity, so you can count on our transaction involving zero hidden fees or pop-up expenses later down the line. Unlike with short selling with realtors, our short sale assistance comes with zero costs.

You Don’t Need to Deal with Negotiations and Paperwork

Dealing with financial problems and having to read up on foreclosure is stressful enough. We won’t give you any more homework by having to handle paperwork. Instead, we’ll organize and arrange for all paperwork needed to finalize our transaction.


How to sell a house before it gets foreclosed?

Los Angeles House Cash Offers is ready to help you understand how you can sell your home in default no matter its current condition. We can quickly provide relief by purchasing your property for cash, on top of handling negotiations and paperwork for you.

Is it already too late to stop foreclosure?

I’ve been served a foreclosure notice of default, what now?

Once you’ve been served with foreclosure papers, the silver lining is that you can take action to avoid foreclosure up until the actual auction. With that said, the best time to take steps once the notice of intent to foreclose has been posted on your door is as soon as possible.

I’m in California – how long will foreclosure take after being served papers?

Finding yourself critically behind on your mortgage can lead to your house staying in pre-foreclosure for a long time. In California, it takes about 4 months for missed mortgage payments to result in a foreclosure sale. After you’re given the sale notice, the auction date will be decided in 20 days or more.

How long after foreclosure can i stay in my home in California?

According to California law, a foreclosed property’s new owners are responsible for removing occupants who haven’t moved out of the residence. Owners are legally required to give a 3 day notice to leave before an eviction lawsuit can be filed. Because an eviction lawsuit can take 1-2 months, some owners will offer occupants cash payments to quickly vacate.

Why short selling my property?

The pros and cons of a short selling

A tough pill to swallow is that you will no longer own your house either way. However, the consequences of foreclosure are much more harsh, considering how foreclosure will affect your credit. By short selling your property, you can get rid of a good portion of your debt and lessen the amount of damage inflicted on your credit.

Short Sale vs Foreclosure comparison

While foreclosure creates a lasting impact on your credit, a short sale leaves a smaller mark and can lead to you purchasing a new home or receiving another loan in a shorter amount of time than it would take if you suffered through foreclosure. Additionally, the buyer could help you find your next place of residence.

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