What Entails Selling a House With a Lien in Los Angeles, CA?

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It can be hard to know how to sell your townhouse, apartment or condo when there’s a lien attached to it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of steps involved, and selling on the market is never straightforward. This article will provide you with the easiest options for selling your home.

Selling a Home With a Lien Against It?

These Are Your Options for Selling a Property That Has a Lien on It

#1 Find Out How Much Your Home Is Worth

The first step to selling a house with a tax lien or other government lien is to determine its value. A realtor will help you decide on the asking price by examining your home and looking at the conditions of the local real estate market.

#2 Advertise Your Home, Receive Offers, and Accept One

Once an asking price is determined, you can advertise your home and start receiving offers from potential buyers. This step requires patience, especially if your home has some problems or if the local market isn’t strong. Potential buyers are less likely to make offers on homes that haven’t been well-maintained. If a lien has meant that you haven’t had the funds for construction or renovations, you might wait a long time for an offer.

#3 Be Present at Closing to Sign the Sale Agreement and Pay Off Debts

You’ve accepted an offer, but now you have to make it official. Attend closing to sign the agreement and transfer property ownership. Next, you’ll transfer money from the sale to the real estate attorney. They’ll use the money to settle any of your debts, including any federal tax liens, state tax liens, IRS liens and other financial obligations.

#4 Touch Base With Lien Holders for Payment Verification

When you sell a house with taxes owed, your attorney will pay off those taxes when the transaction is complete. However, you still need to follow up with your lien holders to confirm that everything has been paid.

Or, Make a Quick Call to the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in Los Angeles, CA

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We Buy Your Property As Is

Struggling with delinquent taxes can make money tight, and renovations aren’t always possible. Luckily, you can always sell your house to our investors As Is! We don’t require appraisals or due diligence periods, and we’ll never make repair requests.

We Speed Up the Home-Selling Process

Do you have property with taxes owed that you want to sell fast? Our company is the solution to your troubles. We can buy homes within 3 to 30 days, so that homeowners get cash when they need it most.

We Pay You in Cash

We always make cash offers for property, and we always have the money ready to go for when you are. Because we work with private funds, there’s no need to worry about the mortgage approval process.

We Simplify the Selling Transaction

To us, a hassle-free transaction means receiving an offer after one simple walkthrough. It means letting us take care of the paperwork, so you can spend your time on other important things. We make selling your home easy and stress-free.

We Pay Upfront – No Hidden Fees!

While other real estate professionals are happy to sneak in hidden fees or additional costs at closing, we never use those tricks. You’ll never pay extra to sell your home, and we’ll pay for all of the fees associated with selling your home, including closing costs.


What Is the Impact of a Lien in the Sale of a House?

Having a property with back taxes or liens will undoubtedly affect the sale of your house. Liens that are attached to your home are the biggest factors. First of all, these liens don’t go away when you sell. The buyer will take ownership of both the property and the lien, making it difficult to find an interested buyer in the first place.

Once you sell, you’ll have to use any left over profit to pay your real estate agent, pay off any tax obligations and settle your lien. All of this can leave you with little to no money at the end of the sale.

On the other hand, our company will make you a cash offer ASAP, so you don’t have to wait. Plus, we never charge hidden or additional fees. You’ll walk away with 100% of the cash offer on closing.

Should I Worry About Selling My House if I Have a Judgment?

A judgement lien can certainly make selling on the market tricky. Most people with judgement liens struggle to sell because they can’t find a buyer who wants to take on the lien. Because a judgment lien follows the property, this is an essential part when you sell the house.

If you’re selling a home with a judgement lien, we can help. You can get a judgement lien if child support is owed or if you’ve been sued, but it doesn’t have to stop you from selling your home. We’ll make you a fair offer on your home no matter what condition it’s in.

What Should Be Done When Selling a Home With an SBA Loan Lien?

An SBA Loan lien can be put on your property if you repeatedly fail to pay back your Small Business Association Loan. Because the loan follows the property, finding a potential buyer on the market can be nearly impossible.

If you have an SBA Loan lien, you don’t have to worry! We buy homes with any type of lien attached, and we’ll buy yours as soon as you’re ready to sell.

Will It Be Hard to Sell a House With a Medicaid Lien?

If you’ve inherited a home with a Medicaid lien on it, you’ll have to settle the lien before you sell. This step is time-consuming and frustrating. The lien terms can often be unfavorable, making it an expensive process as well.

Los Angeles House Cash Offers can help you every step of the way. First, we’ll help you negotiate the terms with Medicaid, so you can pay off the lien in a way that works for you. After they, we’ll buy the home from you for a fair price in a simple transaction.

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