Choices to Consider When Selling Your Los Angeles House to Move Abroad or Relocate for a Job

los angeles movingMoving to another location – whether domestically or abroad – requires you to tick off a lot of items on your to-do list. One of the most stressful ones is to sell your house ASAP. The good news is: there are ways to avoid the hassle and costs of selling your property the traditional way. Here’s how you can enjoy your relocation journey without having to deal with the hangover of your old property.

What You Can Do to Sell Your House Fast Before a Move

Option 1: List with Guaranteed Home Buyout Programs

Those who need to sell their home for a career move can choose to take a guaranteed buyout option.

The homeowner will still have to list the property on the market – either through a real estate agent or as an FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listing – but only for a definite time frame. This usually lasts for about 60 to 120 days. If the employee is unable to achieve a sale, the company offers to purchase his or her home at a value that is determined through the help of independent appraisers.

The guaranteed home buyout program helps employees relocate in a timely manner because they won’t have to wait for outside buyers or offers on the open market. The employer, through a relocation company, can purchase the property directly from the employee. Generally, a Guaranteed Buyout Offer will equal the average of two independent appraisals.

The buyout is guaranteed within a specific period, but the pre-negotiated rate is usually well below market value. The process of going through the contracts can be a little too complicated, and the homeowner will have to double-check for confusing terms and hidden charges.

Option 2: Skip the Hassle and Sell Your House Fast to Los Angeles House Cash Offers

If you’re selling up and moving abroad or just want to relocate with ease, your best option is to work with a trusted real estate investor who can give you the speed, convenience, and reliability of a quick sale.

Los Angeles House Cash Offers is a leading house buying company in the US that can ensure an easy and stress-free direct cash purchase for your property. With us, you’ll get a competitive cash offer. We’re ready to buy your home as-is, and we normally can close in 30 days or less.

We have worked with hundreds of clients in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas who have benefitted from our simple and seamless process. Contact us and get started on selling your property today.

Sell Your Home in No Time

While the guaranteed home buyout option has its advantages, we understand that you don’t have the time, money, resources, and patience to go through a traditional process that can be expensive and exhaustive. We’ll work to complete the sale as quickly as possible to suit your timeline. Sometimes, a home can be sold in as fast as 3 days, if there are no legal issues with the property.

No Need for Home Repairs or Renovations

The condition of your property will not stop us from giving you a free home valuation, walkthrough, and fair cash offer. Even if your home is severely damaged, you won’t have to bother about repairing the property because we can buy it as it is. You’ll be able to save money and energy that would have otherwise been spent on fixes and renovations.

Ready Cash Offer For Your Home

We guarantee the fastest possible closing because we’re direct cash buyers who do not depend on conventional mortgages to purchase your property. We have easily available funds and are ready to buy homes anytime. Our straightforward transaction means that you’ll get a quick sale with no fears of a deal being cancelled. The sale will not run the risk of being held up by a bank or mortgage company. On closing day, you’ll get all your proceeds without any surprise expenses deducted from the offer.

Smooth Selling Transaction Without the Hassle

We understand that you’re in a stressful time of moving and needing to sell your house fast. We’re here to simplify the process by handling all the hard stuff to turn that liability into an asset for you. Our process does not involve agents or realtors, so you won’t have to pay any commissions. We’ll work hard to give you a fair and competitive offer and get you to closing as soon as possible.

What to Expect When Selling Your House for Job Relocation

Many employers offer different forms of relocation assistance and benefits as part of efforts to recruit high-level talent. These packages differ in terms of coverage, and it’s worth noting the specific details and components to ensure a smooth and speedy move.

Some companies offer arrangements that cover all moving services. These include paying for professional movers to load and transport your home goods, packing and unpacking services and insurance, and storage units for your items while you look for a permanent home.

Other companies will offer to pay for an employee’s temporary housing for a period of about 60 to 90 days. One to three months of rental assistance is beneficial as it eases the pressures of settling into a new place. Some packages also include coverage for miscellaneous expenses.

Some employees get a lump sum payment, giving them total control over how they would budget for the relocation. They may use it for transportation, rental, and closing costs on the purchase of a new home.

A guaranteed buy out option is also a popular choice among employees. Under the program, the company offers to purchase the employee’s home and assumes taking care of maintenance, repair, utilities, and mortgage payments. This happens after the employee is unable to sell the old property on the market for a definite period. The value of the employee’s property is determined by getting the average of two independent appraisals.

Why Is It Not a Good Idea to Move Out of State Before Selling My House?

Moving in itself can be a pretty complicated process. Add to that the challenge of achieving a quick house sale and the task becomes too much to handle.

There’s a lot to think about especially when you can’t manage to sell your property in time. But before you get tempted to just list your property on the market and move, ask yourself: Will I be able to pay for two properties at once? And how about finding the right real estate agent to work with and paying for commissions and out of pocket expenses?

We understand that you want to get out of your housing situation sooner than a traditional home sale allows. If you want to sell your house fast before moving out of state, Los Angeles House Cash Offers gives you an alternative so you can bid goodbye to your property issues and focus on your relocation.

We’ll guarantee a free, no-obligation cash offer and buy your house for cash fast and easy. We handle closing costs and paperwork and we won’t ask you to do any costly repair work. Working with us means skipping all the waiting for bank approval. You can trust us to close quickly and efficiently so you can get paid in cash, fast.

What Does It Take to Sell a House While Living Abroad?

There are lots of things to consider when you’re selling a house while living abroad, especially if you’re going the traditional estate agent route.

You would want to add value to your property and may need to shell out money for major repairs and finishing touches. Details count if you want to impress buyers in the area.

Since you’re living overseas, you’ll have to find a trusted real estate agent who can help you manage the sale of your property. This means paying for major expenses like sending documents back and forth, managing realtor’s fees, and thoroughly considering all legalities. It also entails adjusting to many sleepless nights to iron out all transaction details.

We can provide relief by shouldering your housing burden, including legal fees, and guiding you every step of the way. We can value your property for free and make a fair cash offer within 24 hours. No hidden fees and repairs necessary – just minimal paperwork to ensure a quick, hassle-free sale.

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