How to Sell a Property with Toxic Mold or Serious Water Damage Problems After the Worst Flood Fast in Los Angeles CA

los angeles water damage and mold

Selling a home that has mold or water damage through traditional means takes months and requires money for repairs. On the other hand, there’s another option that’s faster and easier.

What It Means to Sell a Water-Damaged House in LA

Finding a buyer who wants to make an offer on your house with water damage, leaky pipes, mildew issues, mold in the basement or walls, or similar problems can be extremely difficult.

Selling your house with a realtor means you’re responsible for making time-consuming repairs to fix your property’s damages. The scope of work may be larger than you might imagine: mold inspection and test, remediation and regrowth prevention measures, repairs of plumbing, roof or basement, depending on where mold grows in your house. You may also need to purchase and install a dehumidifier and update HVAC insulation.

All of this together may seem too much, but that’s what it takes to find a buyer for a house with serious problems. Otherwise, the property can sit on the market for ages while you are still paying taxes and utility bills.

To make matters worse, your problems don’t end after you’ve paid for a series of repairs and remodeling efforts. Your house can still take weeks or months to attract a buyer. Because people don’t want to deal with recurring issues, anyone considering making an offer could run for the hills after they learn of your property’s long repair history.

How You Can Sell It Fast and As Is

The good news is that selling your home doesn’t have to be a long and taxing ordeal. If the home you want to sell has black mold, water in the basement, flood damage, or similar issues, there’s a way for you to make a profit without making any repairs. Plus, you can collect a no-strings-attached profit in only days.

When you work with the experienced real estate investors of Los Angeles House Cash Offers, you enjoy a streamlined transaction. Our company that buys houses for cash has provided quality services to Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas for decades.

What We Do for Our Clients

With Us, the Sale is Fast

Over the years, we’ve worked to refine our real estate transaction process to give our clients an experience that is as stress-free as it is fast-paced. Typically, we close deals on homes between 3 to 30 days. With this average in mind, we make every effort to give you a sale sooner rather than later. Homeowners can get an obligation-free offer the same day they give us a call.

We’ll Buy You Home for Cash

When you use traditional means to sell your home, closing day can be a long way away. Because normally buyers need to take a loan for buying a house, they can make you wait weeks or even months for the profit you’re set to receive. Moreover, mortgage lenders don’t give loans for damaged properties so easily.

But, we can give you your property’s value in cash within 72 hours after our purchase contract is signed. Whatever your reason for selling is, we can get you the income you need fast.

No Hidden Fees or Other Shady Business

We prioritize giving each client a simple and transparent real estate transaction, which means we never surprise homeowners with fraudulent additional charges. You’ll find no hidden fees in our paperwork, you pay no closing costs, and we won’t bother you later down the line with repair expenses after our deal is done. We won’t claim so much as a penny of your all-cash profit, so you can confidently enjoy your money.

No Repairs or Renovations

We have a long track record of buying homes in all sorts of conditions. Our real estate investors can see value in each property regardless of current damages or past issues, and our clients never have to stress over funding costly renovations or repairs. We even buy homes that aren’t currently livable, let alone attractive. After the property exchanges hands, we’ll oversee fixing up the house. The cost of repairs is included in the offer, which means our clients don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for anything in our transaction.

Exceptional Service

When you work with Los Angeles House Cash Offers, you can expect individual attention, respect, and care. Our real estate investors bring years of experience to the table, and our mission is to reinvigorate each of our clients with a successful real estate transaction. We offer friendly and personable services, and we’ll work with you to find a great win-win solution that fits your schedule and needs. Our job isn’t done until you walk away happy with the cash you deserve.


How do I sell a house in Los Angeles with water in the basement, mold and other water damage?

From a buyer’s perspective, a home that has been flooded, has a wet basement, or features leaky pipes isn’t very attractive. Because it’s rare to find a buyer interested in a problem home that needs work, you likely have to make repairs before you can receive an offer. Paying for realtor commissions, plumbing services, inspections, dehumidifiers, high powered fans, structural repair, and more can quickly snowball into an amount that you might not be able to shoulder financially.

On the other hand, there’s a faster and easier way to sell your home. By working with real estate investors, you can skip the financial struggles that come with selling a damaged property. When you sell to a company that buys houses as is, the expected repair costs are rolled into the offer you receive. This means you don’t have to put together any money whatsoever to turn your house into much-needed income, and you collect your profit fast.

What requirements do California laws have regarding the disclosure of mold and water damage in a house for sale?

A property owner in California is required to disclose all past and present defects to the buyer. If all problems that can be discovered through a typical property investigation are not made apparent to the buyer before the home is exchanged, the seller can be sued for breach of contract or fraud. In other words, if so much as a leaky basement is not disclosed beforehand, the seller could be in for a lawsuit and held liable for making repairs. With this in mind, it is best for you to be upfront about any known water damage or mold problems. Not only is being honest with your buyer fair and morally correct, but you are also legally required to do so.

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